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Eva Reads About John Adams

There isn’t a lot to choose from when it comes to America’s second president, John Adams. Fortunately, what there is, is thorough! So this will be a Very Brief Post.


John Adams David McCullough

This was a fascinating and in-depth look at the life of John Adams, and I highly recommend it. I think I would have liked John Adams very much had I been alive then, and Abigail as well. I really enjoyed the many, many excerpts shared from Adams’ letters and diary entries – it really brought him to vibrant life.


Friends Divided: John Adams and Thomas Jefferson Gordon S Wood

Okay, this one I had mixed feelings about. It was great to start out, and then it became the sloggiest of slogs in the middle. I almost didn’t finish, but I pushed on through, and it did pick up again toward the latter part of the book.

The slogfest was the in-depth stuff about Jefferson’s and Adam’s politics, which was just honestly too technical and not presented in a way I found accessible and interesting personally.

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