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Eva Reads About WWI, Installment #3

Welcome to post number three about World War One Books Eva Has Read!!!!!!! We’ll do three today, two adult fiction and one non-fiction.

(For installment #1, go here, and for #2, go here.)

Note on my star rating system:

5 stars=Amazing, have read more than once or definitely will read again, highly recommend.

4 stars=Excellent, may not ever re-read but the quality was superb and highly recommend.

3 stars=Good, a solid read.

2 stars= Just okay, not that impressed, but also not horrible, and probably I will forget all about it soon.

1 star=The only reason I finished reading this was so I could rant/snark/complain about it 100% fairly


(Anna Hope) ★★

This dealt more with the post-war period (the emotional distress of a mother who lost a son, a soldier with shell-shock, etc) than the war itself, and I didn’t hate it, but I also didn’t love it. It was just middling.









The Return of the Soldier

(Rebecca West) ★★★ 

I understand that this was the first book on WWI to be published (in 1918). Like Wake, it deals more with the effects of war than the war itself – in this case, a soldier with shell shock manifesting as amnesia. I loved the writing style, but I found the ending a little rushed and confusing.









The Zimmermann Telegram

(Barbara W Tuchman) ★★★★

I went into this one just over a year ago not knowing what exactly the Zimmermann Telegram was. (Boy, have I come a long way since then.) I really enjoyed it, though. World War One really gets glossed over in history books (at least in my experience!) My mom was a big WWII buff, and I definitely remember learning more about WWII in school than WWI.


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